What is the best way to store my Humble oils?

    • Your Humble oils can be stored in your bathroom cupboard, bedside table, your cars glove box or even in your box of records!

    • Your oils should last you at least 10-12 months stored in these places before the smell starts to fade; but for longer-term storage we suggest that you store your little bottle of goodness in the fridge.

    • This will help the oil extend its life, but don’t worry! If you don’t refrigerate your oil, the smell will fade but the oil will still works it’s magic! 


    Does Humble test on animals?

    • Here at the Humble headquarters, we are 100% against the testing of anything on animals. From the start we have encouraged and enforced cruelty free practices.

    • We even ensure that our suppliers enforce cruelty free practice in their operations too!


    Does the Humble gift card expire?

    • Our gift vouchers last 12 months from date of purchase.

    Is the Humble gift card redeemable for money?

    • No, the gift voucher is non-transferable or refundable.

    How will I receive the Humble gift card?

    • Our Humble Team will send out an email to the designated email address containing all the information you need regarding your gift voucher and how to redeem it.


    Do Humble products contain parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives or colours?

    • No, absolutely not! All of our products are free from any toxic chemicals. Our products are created by combing 100% natural ingredients with the sole purpose of healing your skin. 

    Do Humble products contain Certified Organic ingredients?

    • All of our products contain between 97% and 100% Certified Organic ingredients. Our products use 100% natural ingredients and wherever possible we choose certified organic ingredients.

    Does Humble use fragrance oils or essential oils?

    • Humble products are made using only the purest and most stable essential oils. We would never use a fragrance oil. Wherever possible we use certified organic essential oils.

    Are Humble products suitable for sensitive skin?

    • Humble products are perfect for sensitive skin. We do not use harsh detergents, chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin. If you haven’t used our products before or if you have concerns about particular skin conditions, we suggest you do a small patch test first.

    Are Humble products safe for children?

    • Yes, they are safe for children. Our products do not contain any synthetic chemicals, parabens, sulphates or harsh detergents, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colours. They are gentle on the skin.If you haven’t used our products before or if you have concerns about particular skin conditions, we suggest you do a small patch test first.

    Will using Humble oils cause a skin breakout?

    • Our products are formulated to bring the skin back to equilibrium, balancing deficient or excessive oil production over time.